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Leading a Successful Change Management

Leading a Successful Change Management

TRC-2020 Presentation 52:56 Minutes 

by Joseph Uwoajega, Nigerian Agip Oil Company

In today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, every organization is susceptible to change wave. Any organization that fails to positively respond to change will surely go to extinction. However, for successful initiation and implementation of change initiatives, there is a need for diligence and skillfulness from the part of organizational leaders, especially those from top management. Studies have confirmed that seventy percent of change initiatives fail, and the failure has been largely attributed to leaders’ ineffectiveness in anchoring a change management program. Through extensive analysis of findings of several case studies, failure to gradually institutionalize change initiatives and inappropriate leadership styles are found to be part of the reasons why change initiatives fail in many organizations.

This presentation discusses the change management process, leadership styles needed to successfully lead change in organizations turning institutions into learning organizations, and the adoption of transformational leadership styles.

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