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Learn How to Build and Leverage Maintenance Job Plans

Learn How to Build and Leverage Maintenance Job Plans

Join us for a webinar on mastering the Maintenance Job Plan from an overall organizational and planning perspective. Learn the difference between good and great plans, plus when to use each type. See the different components that make up great plans and drive precision maintenance practices. Gain the benefit of improving your Bills of Materials and Materials Management processes too. Discover how to use craft feedback for continuous improvement and questions to ask for gathering information that will help the organization improve the overall equipment reliability. See how to integrate the Maintenance Plans into your computerized maintenance management system to create a technical library for reuse. Learn some of the pitfalls to avoid along the journey. To boot, we'll include tools that you can put right to use on completion of the webinar such as a Planning Checklist and Craft Feedback Form.

Learning Point Takeaways:

1) Learn the difference between good and great job plans & when to use each

2) Use craft feedback to drive a continuous improvement loop

3) See how to store job plans in a technical library for reuse

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