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Maintenance Team: From Villain to Superhero

IMC-2019 Possibility Paradigm Session 16:10 Minutes

by Simon Murray, Your Maintenance Coach

In too many cases, the maintenance team is seen as an unavoidable cost to the business. It is seen as the villain; sucking up resources and never really delivering on the needs of the operations team. The symptoms of this situation include firefighting and regular breakdowns, out of control costs, a culture of blame and ultimately high turnover of people.

There is, however, an alternative to this. In this alternative, the whole business works as one team, they deliver results quickly, equipment uptime is continually improving and most importantly of all, the business sees the maintenance team as the superhero in the business.

To move maintenance teams from villain to superhero, your Maintenance Coach has developed the Uptime Accelerator™, a step-by-step guide that enables maintenance managers to speed up the improvement process. The Uptime Accelerator is based on the proven knowledge that when you know how to ENGAGE your team in a common objective, SYSTEMIZE all of the processes and steps that are needed and DELIVER the right work at the right time, then you will have all of the tools necessary to rapidly move your department towards reliability excellence.

Specifically, this presentation will concentrate on delivering actionable takeaways that the participants can implement immediately, these takeaways will be based on:

  • ENGAGE the team by creating a meaningful purpose, measures and KPI that the team believes in. And then bring all of this together with the Greatest Huddle™.
  • SYSTEMIZE the department with best practice CMMS setup, the right maintenance tactics and an efficient planning process.
  • DELIVER the right work at the right time with collaborative scheduling, orchestrated completion and a continuous improvement loop.
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