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Mapping the Uptime Elements to Your Asset Performance Management Process

Focused Forum from IMC-2015 - 37:43
by Sandra DiMatteo, Bentley Systems

Adhering to and sustaining an asset performance management process doesn’t come easy. That’s why we need a holistic system-based approach like the Uptime Elements with its evolving technical, cultural and leadership elements. This interactive session demonstrates the key to making the elements ‘stick’ – diligence to a proactive business process. Is your process proactive? Explore how to map your business process and tasks to the Uptime Elements, building on what you are already doing successfully and identifying areas for improvement. You will identify the need to improve in one Uptime Element or another; from reliability engineering for maintenance, asset condition management, work execution or perhaps your organization needs new leadership skills for reliability. But overall, the biggest bang for your buck is learning how to ensure people are focused on the process, understand their role and responsibilities and are supported with the proper training and software to drive and support the process. 

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