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Market Segments and Strategies for the Industrial Internet of Things

Market Segments and Strategies for the Industrial Internet of Things

TRC-2019 Learning Zone (42:55)

Florian Buder, PRUFTECHNIK

The Industrial Internet of Things brings new concepts to technologies and processes in the business-to-business environment:

• IPv6 will provide a uniform way of addressing and connecting almost all tools and equipment, and it might be hard to buy any piece of equipment without built-in Internet protocol connectivity.

• Customers, coming from a home full of connected products, will expect a level of interoperability, even across vendors and applications. For example, a dashboard offers insights into the alignment and vibration status of assets. Why not, too, about lubrication, hardware replacement cycles and other parameters?

• There is considerable and justified caution, about data protection and about third parties hosting or accessing information. But at the same time it is increasingly clear and accepted that hosting data locally has limits that are quickly reached, for example when trying to access or share information remotely.

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