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Maximizing Lubricant Life with Condition Management

Maximizing Lubricant Life with Condition Management

Oxidation rates are largely dependent on temperature and contamination levels which are easy to manage. Thermal degradation can often be minimized or eliminated, and when it cannot, the by-products can be removed with specialized filtration. Additive integrity can be preserved by managing operating conditions or renewed by sweetening or re-additizing the oil. By analyzing in-service lubricants all of these methods of degradation can be identified and quantified. This session will describe in detail the causes and effects of lubricant degradation and explain many of the simple, yet effective ways to manage these root causes to maximize service life. Oil never lasts forever, but if you keep it clean, cool and dry it can last a very long time.

Learning Point Takeaways:

1) What are the factors that determine lubricant service life

2) How to manage lubricant condition

3) How to monitor lubricant condition

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