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Measuring the Central Hub – Planning and Scheduling Metrics

Obviously for starters, our most important assets are the Maintenance Technician or Craftspeople themselves. Within the Maintenance function, which group is charged with the driving the efficiency of the Craftspeople by eliminating the avoidable delays of waiting for information, materials, or the equipment to be available? I hope you recognize the group as the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling function. So much so, we often call the Planning and Scheduling group the "hub" of Maintenance.

But what measures do we have for this function? Join us for this informative one hour webinar as Jeff Shiver of People and Processes provides some methods and approaches you can implement to measure the effectiveness of this central hub within your maintenance organization. In addition to metrics themselves, we'll discuss the behaviors and results that we are trying to drive in utilizing the metrics. During the last portion of the session, Jeff will answer your questions regarding the metrics and concepts presented to help ensure you understand and can implement the ideas that you take away for the webinar.

Learning Point Takeaways:

1) Specific metrics helpful to measuring Maintenance Planning and Scheduling effectiveness

2) Behaviors that are encouraged from the use of those metrics.

3) Pitfalls to avoid as part of the metrics process

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