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Multi-Site Reliability and Asset Management Program Utilizing Playbook and Scorecard Approach

IMC-2019 Presentation 37:06 Minutes

by Eric Ayanegui and Tommy Cocanougher, Cintas Corporation

Cintas operates over 200 similar industrial sites and employs over 1,100 technicians. Over the last ten years, we have developed a detailed and effective playbook and scorecard strategy to manage our reliability strategy. The playbook and scorecard are used as a reliability program guidelines and assessment tools.

The playbook includes assessment criteria for all facility assets, including equipment, building structure, parking lot, roof conditions, utility utilization tracking and systems. In addition, the playbook also includes assessment criteria for training and development requirements and reliability KPI’s derived from our CMMS.

Cintas developed the playbook strategy following the 2008 recession as the company was forced to learn and adapt reliability strategies to help reduce downtime and extend asset life. We have just crossed the 10th year mark since the start of these detailed assessments. The first year of our assessments our reliability score average was around 50%, today locations consistently achieve scores above 95%.

As our reliability journey has taken our company to higher levels of understanding and knowledge, we continue to revise and improve our playbook and scorecard. Each year a committee of internal reliability leaders edit our playbook and add new and more detailed requirements to expand our reliability boundaries.

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