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Myth vs Reality: AI for Plant Monitoring

IMC-2020 Presentation 32:52 Minutes

by Jagadish Gattu, Uptime AI

Eighty-four percent of businesses believe AI will enable them to obtain a competitive advantage. Why is AI touted as the biggest disruption in modern era? 

What can we learn from failures and success that can help us choose the right path for AI in plant monitoring? What are the AI related use cases in the process plant and what kind of solutions are available for plant operators? Specifically, how can AI help in plant monitoring? Why are companies stuck in pilot purgatory? 

We will review a framework that was developed based on working with process supermajors on how to choose the appropriate solution and avoid the pilot purgatory. We will talk about why it is necessary to bridge the gap between AI and subject matter knowledge. We will present capabilities that are reinventing plant monitoring and realizing 5X-10X improvements with AI compared to traditional solutions. 

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