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TRC-2019 Learning Zone 45:12

by Ben Holdaas and Noel Neuwirth, Skookum Contract Services

Skookum, an asset management service provider, has strove to deliver compelling value to its customers. The Uptime Elements provides a robust body of knowledge or “how to” – the challenge is ‘operationalizing’ or blending key components over a phased plan (roadmap). This presentation discusses major successes, lessons learned, and mistakes. Developing and integrated the following 3 ‘core components’ provides the critical foundation:

  • People (Leadership & Training) – the most important “component” from learning Mobile Maximo to understanding the impact of reliability on their client’s mission.
    • Discuss key positions and groups required to enable ‘operationalizing’
    • Discuss critical synergy between corporate and site – building a ‘federated team’
  • Core Processes and Enabling Systems – Must be configured “day 1” for core functions including asset, work and material management.
    • Requires EAM (Maximo), Mobility and Business Intelligence (BI) tool
    • Mobility for Technicians is CRITICAL for extending process to the field – no longer optional
  • Data Management – Typical “after thought” but CRITICAL for condition, reliability & asset mgmt.
    • Typically requires integration between systems and BI Tool
    • Capturing Field Technician data via mobility is a game changer

Effective deployment of the above “core” components will enable the 3 advanced components:

  • Condition Management – Following a ‘crawl-walk-run’ strategy that focuses on critical assets/systems with a ‘practical IoT’ approach to sensor integration.
  • Reliability Engineering – Again follow a ‘crawl-walk-run’ strategy and adding incremental capability through Maximo including ‘practical RCM
  • Asset Management – As a maintenance execution entity, how to integrate data and systems to enable Client Asset Management following ISO 55000 principles.
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Designing, Building, and Rebuilding Your ACM

Designing, Building, and Rebuilding Your ACM

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