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Best Practices Implementing Operator Driven Reliability Programs, PT 1

Best Practices Implementing Operator Driven Reliability Programs, PT 1

The acceptance of operators taking an active roll in completing preventive and predictive maintenance tasks is growing rapidly. This program called Operator Driven Reliability (ODR), is best accomplished with technology to automate the process and assist the User. SKF, alone has worked with more than 600 companies globally with over 7000 hand held devices since we pioneered the concept of ODR in 1997. Produce quick results and maximize your success with ODR by developing a sound implementation phase. This presentation will share our ODR community’s real life experiences implementing their programs. You will learn best practices and potential pitfalls to avoid.

Learning Point Takeaways:

1) Learn best practices from others who have implemented ODR programs

2) Learn how to avoid potential pit falls implementing ODR programs

3) Properly implemented ODR programs stand the test of time

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