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operator driven reliability

Gemba Academy Announces the Addition of “Planned Maintenance” to Series of Online, On-demand, Video-based courses on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Gemba Academy, a provider of continuous improvement, Lean, and Six Sigma training and certification is pleased to introduce an online, on-demand, video-based course on Planned Maintenance.

Connected workers

Connected Worker Platform Delivers End-to-End Asset Management Visibility to Empower Frontline Workers

Innovapptive, a digital transformation leader, announced today that it is launching its Connected Worker Platform that serves the needs of companies undergoing a digital transformation of their asset maintenance operations

IIoT, Smart Industry and Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing

IIoT, Smart Industry and Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing

The RELIABILITY Conference Learning Session - 39:21 
by Rajiv Anand,

In the manufacturing and industrial world, Industry 4.0, Smart Industry and Industrial IoT have created a lot of buzz lately. In software and computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are at the top of the hype cycle. Digital transformation and the digital enterprise are on the top of the strategic initiatives list of every board room and C-suite.

While IIoT and Smart Industry have the potential to transform entire supply chains, initial successful implementations focus on maintenance and asset reliability. Predictive maintenance is thus being transformed to prescriptive maintenance by combining existing and new condition monitoring sensors with Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition.

Is it all just hype and the fad of the season or as transformational and disruptive as it is being hyped up to be? How will it impact manufacturing, industrial maintenance and reliability, and the people responsible for running these operations? As a maintenance and reliability professional, what should I be preparing for, learning and applying to enable my company to benefit from this technological revolution?

This presentation will address why and how maintenance and reliability professionals should embrace these technologies and be the leaders for the digital transformation of their companies.

The talk will address some of the following topics:

  • That maintenance and reliability professionals and domain experts will now become some of the most valuable contributors to an enterprise's supply chain.
  • The technology will not--as hypothesized by fear mongers--replace humans. It will enable and empower humans to focus on creative and high value, rather than mundane contributions of their skills and expertise to advance the manufacturing industry.
  • That some of the unfulfilled value creation potential of reliability practices like RCM and Operator Driven Reliability.
  • That it is not as complicated, scary or risky as some laggards would have you believe; nor does it require everyone to become data scientists and programmers to implement it.
  • While cloud computing is one of the key enablers, Smart Industry does not mean running all your applications in the cloud.
  • That we can all begin our journey of learning and starting to apply these technologies today; without disruption to our existing operations and work processes.
 AREVA La Hague Wins Award for Excellence from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

AREVA La Hague Wins Award for Excellence from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

The Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance has awarded AREVA La Hague the JIPM "Award for TPM Excellence – Category A". The official award ceremony will be held in March in Kyoto, Japan.

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Operator Driven Reliability and Ultrasonic Inspection

Operator Driven Reliability and Ultrasonic Inspection

Operator driven reliability (ODR) is a process that involves operators in the maintenance and reliability of their equipment. ODR selects tasks previously performed by maintenance technicians and reassigns these tasks to operators. However, ODR is only effective when operators are focused on specific tasks. Operators must be properly trained and coached in the performance of each task.

Learn Why Operators Are Your Facility’s MVP

Baseball season may be in full swing, but the most valuable players we’re talking about is right inside your facility. Plant operators play a critical role within processing

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DNV GL Software

DNV GL are now the world's the leading technical advisor to the global oil and gas industry, and a leading expert for the energy value chain including renewables and energy efficiency.

Bigfoot CMMS

Bigfoot CMMS

Bigfoot maintenance software, produced by Smartware Group, is a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution that is quick to learn to give you quick results.

Design Maintenance Systems (DMSI)

Design Maintenance Systems (DMSI)

DMSI is known for having the most comprehensive and flexible operator based reliability, asset basic care, and mobile inspection solution in the industry. MAINTelligence InspectCETM is used at hundreds of sites worldwide.

Internet of Things Survival Guide 2016: Turning Data Into Decisions with Operational Analytics

Internet of Things Survival Guide 2016: Turning Data Into Decisions with Operational Analytics

IoT Virtual Conference Session 2 - 26:59
by Sandra DiMatteo Director of Marketing, Asset Performance, Bentley Systems
and Aaron Beazley, Product Manager, Bentley Systems

In a world where data is growing exponentially and the Internet of Things is becoming a reality, it is becoming more and more important to utilize the data we have at our disposal and use it correctly towards better decision making and more benefits. Using a variety of analytics techniques, learn how you can and must take advantage of the Internet of Things now.

Lessons Learned from Mt. Stupid

Lessons Learned from Mt. Stupid

IMC-2015 RAP Talk - 19:50
by Joseph Paris, Founder of the Operational Excellence Society

Each of us belongs to a community, or network. The individual members of a network have a shared commitment and affinity to the kernel. As such, they will behave in a predictable manner since there is nothing to gain by any individual changing their position unilaterally. In reality, to disturb the predictability never even crosses the mind of the members.

Applying Game Theory and the Nash Equilibrium, this session will investigate the circumstances under which change takes place – and when it does not. We will discuss the creation of an effective disruptor and how it can be deployed in a controlled and sustainable fashion. We will also touch on the human dynamics aspect of the Dunning-Kruger Effect which states that a person will pursue a path out of ignorance and with great confidence until it is glaringly apparent that the path is wrong, at which time their confidence deflates before the process of rebuilding can occur.

Industrial Predictive Analytics for Improving Asset Performance: Bridging IT and OT

Industrial Predictive Analytics for Improving Asset Performance: Bridging IT and OT

IMC-2015 RAP Talk - 19:35
by Greg Bentley, CEO- Bentley Systems

In today’s operations of industrial facilities and infrastructure assets, operations and maintenance professionals need effective strategies to benefit from an unprecedented volume of “big data”. It is streaming in from the “Internet of Things”, (sensors and meters on equipment, structures and assets), from UAVs able to perform continuous surveys and inspections, and from market sources. The challenge lies in transforming all that data into meaningful information and operational visibility, which can inform decision support and improve asset performance. 

The Importance of Single Point Lessons in the Workplace

Single point lessons, or SPLs, taken in the context of total productive maintenance (TPM), are defined as lessons or subjects that can be described in a page or less and explained in five minutes or less.

10 Things Your Equipment Operators Can Do Today to Improve Reliability

by Doug Plucknette

There’s no denying that the equipment that makes your products and the operators who operate it are the most valuable assets an organization has. So unless you are actually manufacturing product and putting it out the door, you are overhead. From the janitorial services to the CEO, you are just another additional cost that has to be included in the cost of the product.

New Preventative Maintenance Program Ensures Optimum Performance and Life

Hypertherm introduces new easy to follow preventive maintenance program to ensure optimum life and performance for HyPerformance plasma systems.

5ME Joins Partners in THINC

Okuma America Corporation announces that 5ME joins Partners in THINC, a collaborative effort by more than 40+ members bringing specialized equipment, expertise and a commitment to provide the best possible integrated machining solutions to the end-user.

The Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance awards prize of excellence to AREVA’s Melox facility

April 22, 2014 - AREVA’s Melox facility has received the “Award for TPM Excellence - Category A” by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. The official award ceremony was held in March in Kyoto, Japan.

Mettler Toledo Explains How to Achieve Safe, Easy, Flexible Hazardous-Area Weighing

Weighing systems are a crucial component of most manual and automated manufacturing processes. METTLER TOLEDO’s “Weighing in Hazardous Areas – Safe – Easy – Flexible”  explores how to achieve the safe, efficient transfer of weighing data from hazardous areas to help improve productivity, ensure safety, and reduce overall processing costs.

Incorporat​ing SKF Microlog Inspector into Your Operator Driven Reliabilit​y (ODR) Program

Incorporating SKF Microlog Inspector into your operator driven reliability (ODR) program helps maximize productivity while reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

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