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Bigfoot CMMS

Bigfoot CMMS

Center Harbor

Since 2002, Smartware Group, Inc. has produced Bigfoot CMMS to serve the needs of the maintenance professional - simply and efficiently. By pairing an intuitive and modern user interface with powerful functionality, Bigfoot CMMS is Quick to Learn for Quick Results,™ with ROI often realized within weeks.

Key functions of the scalable, cloud-based Bigfoot CMMS include preventive and predictive maintenance, inventory management, work order, asset, and equipment management, purchasing, built-in reporting and analysis, and more. Bigfoot CMMS is accessible via a desktop solution or mobile app and can be configured for different user types, languages, security settings, workflows, and sites and locations. The solution is certified through Technology Evaluation Centers and is the 2016 “Product of the Year” by Plant Engineering magazine. Bigfoot CMMS is primarily applicable for the manufacturing, distribution, energy and utilities, data centers, hospitality, and mining industries. The solution has been found to minimize repair costs, increase efficiency and productivity of labor, and prolong equipment and asset life cycles.

“As part of our certification, ISO auditors looked at whether our measurement devices could fail. Bigfoot CMMS helped us win ISO certification. We now average 99.6 percent uptime on our production equipment.”

BJ McDonald, Co-Owner and Facility DirectorMidland Metal Products

Learn more about the savings you can attain with Bigfoot CMMS by watching a video today on our website.

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