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Industrial Predictive Analytics for Improving Asset Performance: Bridging IT and OT

IMC-2015 RAP Talk - 19:35

by Greg Bentley, CEO- Bentley Systems

In today’s operations of industrial facilities and infrastructure assets, operations and maintenance professionals need effective strategies to benefit from an unprecedented volume of “big data”. It is streaming in from the “Internet of Things”, (sensors and meters on equipment, structures and assets), from UAVs able to perform continuous surveys and inspections, and from market sources. The challenge lies in transforming all that data into meaningful information and operational visibility, which can inform decision support and improve asset performance. Operational technology continuously collects the data reflecting the empirical real-time performance of the hundreds or thousands of components in an operating facility. Information technology caters to regular reporting at various enterprise levels of aggregation. However, it is engineering technology that can provide benchmarks to compare the observed performance against the as-designed performance, and even more important, enable optioneering, (the exploration of “what-if” scenarios leveraging digital engineering models), for improving infrastructure asset performance. Bentley CEO, Greg Bentley, will showcase the technology making industrial predictive analytics possible, and present real-world examples of how it is already improving asset performance for owner-operators.

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