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IMC-2015 RAP Talk - 19:50
by Joseph Paris, Founder of the Operational Excellence Society

Each of us belongs to a community, or network. The individual members of a network have a shared commitment and affinity to the kernel. As such, they will behave in a predictable manner since there is nothing to gain by any individual changing their position unilaterally. In reality, to disturb the predictability never even crosses the mind of the members.

Applying Game Theory and the Nash Equilibrium, this session will investigate the circumstances under which change takes place – and when it does not. We will discuss the creation of an effective disruptor and how it can be deployed in a controlled and sustainable fashion. We will also touch on the human dynamics aspect of the Dunning-Kruger Effect which states that a person will pursue a path out of ignorance and with great confidence until it is glaringly apparent that the path is wrong, at which time their confidence deflates before the process of rebuilding can occur.

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