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Gemba Academy Announces the Addition of “Planned Maintenance” to Series of Online, On-demand, Video-based courses on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Gemba Academy, a provider of continuous improvement, Lean, and Six Sigma training and certification is pleased to introduce an online, on-demand, video-based course on Planned Maintenance. This course is part of a series on Total Productive Maintenance and describes how Planned Main­te­nance helps orga­ni­za­tions shift from reac­tive or break­down main­te­nance to proac­tive prac­tices such as peri­od­ic main­te­nance and pre­dic­tive main­te­nance.

"I'm so pleased with how our Total Productive Maintenance series of courses continues to progress.” explains Ron Pereira, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Gemba Academy, “Our latest course focuses on the Planned Maintenance pillar of TPM. Planned Maintenance is a set of activities to build and establish a system for periodic and predictive maintenance. Typical reactive maintenance activities include troubleshooting equipment quality or speed issues, repair of breakdowns, making unexpected parts replacements, and responding to emergencies. These activities are typically stressful and expensive. This is why deliberate and intentional planning of all maintenance activities is crucial."

Specifically, this online lean training course will teach the key 12 activ­i­ties for estab­lish­ing Planned Main­te­nance that are rolled out in 6 phases. Learn the goals of Planned Main­te­nance, its main capa­bil­i­ties, and the steps for imple­ment­ing it with­in an organization.

Gemba Academy’s New Planned Maintenance is comprised of twelve videos:

  • What Is Planned Maintenance?
  • Getting Started with Planned Maintenance
  • Evaluate Equipment
  • Understand Current Condition of Maintenance
  • Restore Deterioration
  • Correct Weaknesses
  • How Planned Maintenance Activities Support Autonomous Maintenance
  • Build a Maintenance Information Management System
  • Build a Periodic Maintenance System
  • What Is Predictive Maintenance?
  • Build a Predictive Maintenance System
  • Evaluate the Planned Maintenance System

If you are interested in learning more about Total Productive Maintenance and how it can help you reduce waste in your company, visit the growing TPM Series in Gemba Academy’s School of Lean. The cours­es in this series explain TPM’s core fun­da­men­tals, ben­e­fits, and what you lose when you don’t make main­te­nance a priority.

Visit the School of Lean to browse Gemba Academy’s broader library of Lean-focused courses. Sample the content by viewing unlocked videos that allow users to preview each course. Gemba Academy’s ever-expanding library of Lean train­ing mate­r­i­al helps work teams develop a con­sis­tent, con­tin­u­ous improve­ment mind­set.

To watch the first video of Gemba Academy’s Focused Improvement Course go to Planned Maintenance Course or Contact Us for more information.

To explore Gemba Academy’s full range of course offerings, please visit

About Gemba Academy: Gemba Academy aims to help individuals and businesses develop an organizational culture of continuous improvement. Founded in 2009, Gemba Academy now offers over 2,000 training videos on Lean, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement. To learn more about Gemba Academy’s online content, flexible training, expert coaching, and certifications, please visit

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