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Partnering for a Successful Reliability Journey

Partnering for a Successful Reliability Journey

IMC-2018 Learning Zone 40:14

by Brandon Wilhelm and Michael Pieczko, CBRE

In the outsourced facilities management industry aligning key stakeholders from both parties to agree on a reliability program can be a time-consuming and sometimes difficult task. The real work, however, starts when a reliability program does get the necessary support. Often the company that chose to outsource their FM services has an established culture, and historic way of doing business. They have their own opinions, legacy processes, and their own inefficiencies. With that in mind, the key players need to remind the stakeholders why they chose to outsource their facilities management. Typically, what has happened is that the senior leaders of the company decided that facilities management is not their core business and that they should outsource that work to a company that specializes in that line of work. Thus begins the process of evaluating, recommending, and collaboratively standardizing. Expect to learn about adapting and/or adjusting best practices, interfacing technologies, and finally, a non-standardized approach to standardization.

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