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Reliability Excellence Needs a Roadmap: Convert What-Why to an Action Plan

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 41:10
by John Reeve, EDI

This presentation will create a horizontal line of sight. By doing this, we will establish a sequence of events that will help your organization develop an asset management system. Using 3 decades of field experiences, the facilitator will also tie in advanced processes as related to the elements chart. Specific topics to be discussed:

  1. What foundational elements should be addressed first?
  2. What chronological order makes the best sense regarding the five main verticals?
  3. How do I inform leadership as to the significance of optimized asset management?
  4. What is CRL accreditation and why is this of value?
  5. And lastly, what would a master schedule look like for pursuing a roadmap to excellence?
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