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Selling (justifying) Reliability Improvement to Senior Management

Selling (justifying) Reliability Improvement to Senior Management

Webinar - 1:12:06

By improving reliability you reduce costs, increase production, reduce safety incidences, and much more. But most initiatives don't get past the first hurdle - gaining senior management support. This support is a critical success factor. You need support to gain approval for investment. And you need senior management to send a clear message to the entire organization about the strategic importance of reliability improvement. This Webinar will clarify why this support is so important, and arm you with numerous weapons to gain that support.

Learning Points:

  1. Why senior management support is so very important - why you will never achieve true success without it.
  2. Tools and techniques to explain the financial benefits - using a language that they understand.
  3. The do's and don'ts of program justification.

Jason Trantor Photo

Jason Tranter, Founder and Managing Director

Mobius Institute

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