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Show Me the Money: GEA’s Hydraulic Leak Treasure Chest

Show Me the Money: GEA’s Hydraulic Leak Treasure Chest

TRC-2019 Learning Session 40:17 Minutes

by Tyrone Frazier, GE Appliances

GE Appliances’ major plastics department had the reputation of a dirty, leaky hydraulic area. The floors were skating rinks of oil. Safety was an issue just walking in the area. Employees were disengaged because the abnormal condition of leaky presses became the normal. It was overwhelming. In December, 2016, we embarked on a precision lubrication management program across our 8 plants in the U.S. One of the directives was a leak i.d. and repair project. In the summer of 2017, major plastics department took on the challenge and the results are still coming in--$145,000 savings to-date in oil consumption. The area has transformed to a safe, clean environment with a positive culture change. Attendees will learn our roadmap to leak elimination which can easily transform any plant.

Takeaways will be:

  1. A process for hydraulic fixture and hose standardization for efficient repair if a leak occurs.
  2. A transformational process on gathering of consumption data by the maintenance technicians.
  3. Changing your culture to believe “Leak is a four letter word!”