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Solution Award Winner - Best Digitalization Product: Bentley Systems

TRC-2020 Presentation 32:39 Minutes

by Robert Henderson, Bentley Systems

The award for Digitalization Product or Service went to Bentley Systems for their AssetWise Digital Twin Services - Linear Analytics. This digital twin solution for automated track inspections incorporates advanced analytics to gain insights for earlier detection of track defects, achieving and maintaining a state of good repair for rail and transit assets while increasing safety, performance, and reliability of the railway network.

Product Benefits:

  • Fast and efficient data driven decisions
  • Autonomous inspections wireless real-time communications and alert capabilities to maintain contact with experts
  • Enables safer rail networks

Digitalization is transforming rail maintenance as we leverage IoT solutions to improve reliability, safety and performance through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, and more recently via digital twins of assets across a rail network. Linear analytics overcomes the challenges of big data to improve the performance of rail network assets. See also how autonomous inspection vehicles are delivering near real-time analysis to gain insights for earlier detection of track defects and to ensure safety across the network.

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