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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference July 26, 2017

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference July 26, 2017

Design in Reliability and Maintainability into New Equipment
by Mary Jo Cherney, GE Appliances

It is easier to begin with a design plan for reliability and maintenance at the beginning stages of the process rather than to modify once the equipment is being installed. Factors that we need to make sure are included in the design process are: Safety and Environmental, Reliability, Maintainability, Ease of Operation, and Flexibility of conversion for future products.

Our manufacturing plants need to establish working partnerships with our OEM’s, our maintenance staffs, safety and ergo engineers, operations, sourcing or purchasing departments, so that the equipment we procure will satisfy all the needs of our cross-functional departments that are affected by that piece of equipment.

Do You Have an Asset-Centric CMMS?
by John Reeve, Total Resource Management

The CMMS community and HSE tracking are sometimes different computer systems. That design may be best for some organizations depending on the history to date, software cost and functionality. That said, I still believe there should be a solid effort to combine these two products. The reasons for this will be explained in this presentation. It's possible we could save someone's life.

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