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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference - Session 3

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference - Session 3

RAP Talk - Leading Leaders 
by George Williams - Director, Asset Management, B. Braun Medical

To be a leader of leaders one must never strive to be “the” leader but rather foster the growth of others until they, and only they, determine
you are. Leading leaders will explore the concepts of reliability sustainability with a focus on people and culture.

Leading Management Into Lubrication Best Practices by Jarrod Potteiger, Manager, Educational Services - Des-Case Corporation

For years manufacturers neglected precision lubrication in their pursuit of reliability, but things are changing. More and more maintenance professionals are discovering the importance of precision lubrication and gaining the knowledge to execute it. However, knowing what to do and getting approval to do it are two different things. One of the most common impediments is a lack of support from management and operations. This presentation walks you through the steps to create a rock solid case for getting management buy-in.

“R.A.I.” the Reliability.aiTMChatbot

You can ask "R.A.I." anything about maintenance, reliability, and asset management.