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Solutions 2.0 2015 - Essential Elements of a Successful Reliability Program

Summary of key points:

  • Make reliability programs money driven‐‐not technology driven. Sell improvements as about time and money issues-it's the voice of business!
  • Use reliability tools/technology to reduce lost money issues.
  • Work the $Pareto list based on actual failures and the $risks of possible failures.
  • Discuss the top 10 $Pareto items with management. Progress is reducing $losses in months‐‐not years.
  • Forecast future $failures for next 3‐5 years using Crow‐AMSAA reliability growth plots.
  • Use root cause analysis to solve critical failure issues within the top 10 $items-Why? That's where the money loss occurs!
  • Sell management that reliability programs are to their advantage for changing the site culture from $failure accepting to preventing $failures with fact driven engineering effort with an empowered/enabled work force.
  • Encourage individual confessions of errors without punishment-look to the nuclear industry and the US Navy carriers as examples.
  • Empower and enable your workforce for better performance.
  • Describe improvements in $ not things.
  • Make money for the company by reducing failures and making improvements pay their way. Do it NOW!
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