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MW-2021 Keynote 25:38 Minutes

by Dominic Gallello, Symphony Industrial AI

Asset reliability and process professionals face an enormous challenge to tame the tsunami of data and turn it into useful information. With the advent of cheap IIoT devices, sensor data is growing 50 times faster than business data with only 2 percent of it actually being used! By 2025 the number of devices will double to 21 billion. These sensors can analyze multiple signals like sound frequencies, temperature, pressure and vibration to determine if a machine requires repair before it can cause a trip or a process that can be optimized if it is handled dynamically based upon constantly changing conditions. There is not an equipment manufacturer who has not already or will be putting sensors on their assets. 


  • How to turn the explosion of sensor data into meaningful asset health insight 
  • AI techniques are interesting but insufficient 
  • New tools and methodologies to ensure accurate prediction and prescription of critical assets
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