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The Digital Revolution: Are You Ready?

IMC-2019 RAP Talk 15:01 Minutes

by Vic Rioli, Linde plc

Industry 4.0 is here with advancements in IIoT and digital computing technology enabling us to see events faster, anticipate changes, improve safety, ramp up efficiency, execute results, lower costs, enable prescriptive maintenance, and bottom line, improve margin.

We all want it, but are you ready? Have you built a strong reliability foundation to move into the Digital Revolution?

Let’s take a quick look into the fundamentals of a world class reliability organization to see if you have the right methodologies, programs, and technology in place to move to Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, and building digital twins. Without the right data and fundamental programs, your digital engine will be sputtering and moving to Industry 4.0 will be a very difficult road to navigate. Let’s see if your program has the right stuff?

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