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The Innovator’s Lifestyle: Harnessing Innovation for Fun & Fortune!

The Innovator’s Lifestyle: Harnessing Innovation for Fun & Fortune!

TRC-2018 Keynote - 1:05
by Robert Evans Wilson Jr.

Innovation isn’t just for big corporations. Everyone can benefit from thinking more creatively: from making their business more competitive to simply getting more out of life. Rob Wilson’s The Innovator’s Lifestyle will help you make more money; solve problems faster; recognize opportunities; handle change easier; and enjoy a greater comfort with risk. When you begin to think like an innovator, you will use creative thinking in every aspect of your life.

Unleash Your Innovative Spirit

The power of creative thinking is enormous. When you are engaged in creative activity - it energizes you and gives you feelings of empowerment. You gain a heightened sense of purpose that builds your self-reliance. When you discover how to think like an innovator, you gain the confidence to control your circumstances - and that makes you more productive and profitable!

Creative Thinking Boosts Your Self-Esteem

When you find the spark within yourself, and develop the self-control that enables you to focus your energy on achievement - you will enjoy more satisfaction in every area of your life! Your friendships will broaden; your relationships will deepen; in short, you will get better at everything you do.

Every Company - Large or Small - Needs Innovators

Innovation is for anyone willing to learn. Your organization needs people who can think like innovators all the way down the line. People who are constantly looking for new ways to differentiate your company from the competition and improve your bottom line. When you establish a Culture of Innovation, your employees will feel a part of the overall mission of your company, and bring value to your business.

In this highly entertaining and interactive presentation, Robert Wilson will show you how to generate powerful ideas for your business and your life.

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