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The Journey From Reactive to…

IMC-2018 Learning Session 45:03

by LaTaurus Brown and Wilfredo Correa, LyondellBasell

This presentation will focus on the journey of a plant that is in the process of going from a highly reactive culture to becoming a highly reliable organization. This will focus on the development and implementation of the reliability work process, leadership endorsement of the new reliability focus, and culture change for the entire organization. Prior to the journey, there was no reliability focus, strategy, or efforts in place at the site. Production loss and failure data was being collected, but there was no follow-up to determine the causes of failures and no plan in place to keep those failures from reoccurring. Since the start of the journey we have seen significant improvement in reliability and availability and decreases in production losses and lost profits. Targets are being set for reliability performance and those targets are being used to measure success. The site is on the journey to improve reliability and make it a continuous process.

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