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IMC-2020 Presentation 37:28 Minutes

by Eric Ayanegui and Tommy Cocanougher, Cintas

When the global economic crisis hit in 2008, Cintas Corporation stopped all discretionary spending of capital as most businesses did. The focus shifted towards maintaining current assets so that the company could continue to do more with the assets that we had. We pivoted from capital projects towards reliability to develop an aim that would capture our reliability priorities and goals to support our business objectives. 

One of the first steps in our new reliability process was to develop a vision of where we wanted to provide clarity for our reliability aspirations and provide an effective way to explain our reliability goals. Having a documented vision facilitated the overcoming of obstacles and challenges. Each tenet in our reliability vision reflected far-reaching goals that at the time seemed unattainable and in some cases, were not well understood. Ten years into our reliability journey, we achieved the full realization of our original reliability vision. 

Today, as a company, we are in a much different, and better, place in our reliability journey. Reliability and its value to our business model are understood and supported from the Executive level to the front-line. While our original reliability vision challenged our company to strive for improvement and to learn to implement effective reliability strategies, our new reliability vision reflects our renewed commitment to reliability excellence by adopting a broader perspective and by accepting the challenge to implement even more effective strategies. 

This session will discuss our reliability vision, how we developed it, how we used to guide our strategy and how we went about updating it for the next steps in our future as a globally-recognized leader in business services AND reliability! We will share with you our process, thoughts, players, obstacles along the way, and interaction with our execs and other industry leaders as we plan for even better performance metrics to be achieved.

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