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Where CMMS Fits Into Your Reliability Journey”, an eMaint Best Practices Webinar hosted by Joel Levitt of ReliabilityWeb, discussed reliability functions that are only possible with accurate, complete and defect-free CMMS data. During the presentation, Levitt asserted that “CMMS is the hub that holds the spokes of your wheel, or reliability effort. Everything revolves around it.”

Levitt leveraged his 28 years of experience to provide methods to collect, analyze and act on good data, the keys to making a CMMS system most effective for any organization. These keys include:

  • Accurate and complete work orders
  • Proper training for end users based on their job role with ongoing site specific training
  • Accurate master data that is periodically checked
  • Discipline across the organization to follow the defined business processes

Joel references the book “Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It!” by Winston P. Ledet. In the book, Ledet talks about the “maturity” of a maintenance and reliability effort. A survey of the webinar attendees found that 47% had a mature reliability effort, with consistent scheduled preventive (PM) and/or predictive (PdM) maintenance tasks. The full survey results revealed that:

  1. 41% rely on reactive maintenance
  2. 47% utilize PM and PdM
  3. 10% leverage proactive maintenance to solve sources of defects
  4. 3% use precision maintenance to remove defects to limit new defects

Joel mentioned that PM and PdM schedules can be difficult to sustain, if organizations do not maintain their programs.

During the presentation, Levitt described how a CMMS system can support the ReliabilityWeb Uptime Elements, such as Leadership for Reliability (LER), Reliability Engineering for Maintenance (REM), Asset Management (AM), Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM), Work Execution Management (WEM). A CMMS can provide the data to transform PM efforts, optimize asset performance, legitimize projects and establish leadership.

At the conclusion of the webinar, Levitt surveyed attendees: what is the chance that your organization will plan to use the power of CMMS on your reliability journey?

  1. 14% of attendees said there was a 25% chance
  2. 21% of attendees said there was a 50% chance
  3. 35% of attendees said there was a 75% chance
  4. 30% of attendees said there was a ~100% chance

Joel found this statistic to be excellent news, and wanted attendees to take it seriously that a CMMS is a tool to get further on your reliability journey. ReliabilityWeb has actually created CMMS Best Practices which can help you get started.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar.

Click here to register for eMaint’s upcoming Best Practices Webinar.

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