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CMI • Condition Monitoring

CMI • Condition Monitoring

Miami , FL

CMI • Condition Monitoring is an approved Reliability Partner

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CMI is a Condition Monitoring (CM) service, software and instrument provider. We are CM advocates, particularly the discipline of Fa: Fluid Analysis (a.k.a. ‘oil analysis’). CMI personnel have over 100 years’ experience in Fluid Analysis, every aspect. Our principals have founded Fa laboratories, stood up laboratories for others, presented hundreds of technical papers and thousands of hours  of seminars, training and consulting for the maintenance community. We developed the first commercial AI-based intelligent agent, ca.1979, totally automated Data Evaluation/Advisory software. Lubricon, founded in 1975, was a world class Fa laboratory. In 1988, having established itself as the premiere Fa facility, Lubricon was acquired by Cummins. Following the acquisition Lubricon’s Principals, led by Jack Poley, founded CMI, focused on AI-based software for Fa, creating Prescient tm , unique to CM, and the U.S. military’s choice for Fa evaluation software, 2018 and forward. CMI holds memberships in STLE, ASTM, SAE and Reliability Partners (RP). RP is a unique consortium of established CM-centric companies and dedicated practitioners, with the vision that our shared knowledge, skills and products will enable our customers to realize extraordinary levels of safety and machinery failure avoidance, leading to maximum uptime and ROI via Holistic Condition Monitoring (HCM).Condition Monitoring International, LLC (dba CMI)

6619 S. Dixie Hwy
Unit 303
Miami , FL 33143

Phone: 305.669.5181