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CMI • Condition Monitoring

CMI • Condition Monitoring


CMI is a Condition Monitoring (CM) service, software, training and instrument provider for Fluid Analysis: Fa (aka Oil Analysis). We consult to end-users and lab operators to help companies get the very best from their Fa programs. Fa is arguably the most important CM tool in the toolbox, and should always be in the forefront of good machinery monitoring practice. 50-70% of machine problems and trauma, including excessive wear, beginning with lubricant issues. This includes contamination, such as water, dirt, process products in the plant atmosphere, or incorrect lubricant fill. It also includes degradation of the lube, such as oxidation and viscosity shearing. If these problems are identified via routine sampling and testing, vibration alarms are curtailed to a minimum. The major contribution of Fa is its ability to pre-warn of potential problems, often months earlier than vibration. CMI’s flagship software product, Prescient, is a purpose-built, AI-infused Intelligent Agent, providing in-depth maintenance advisories automatically, ensuring your Fa program is at the height of its usefulness toward maintaining long stretches of uptime and ROI return. Prescient gets increasingly smarter, learning more about your machinery as data accumulate. It is a strong complement to Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), where the best CM programs live. CMI = world class Fa programs.

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