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GTI Predictive Technology


We currently offer multiple technologies on the iPad to perform:

Vibration analysis

Dynamic balancing

Temperature readings


Laser-shaft alignment

Geometric measurements

Our modular platform makes it simple for anyone to start a predictive program. Our iPad Vibration Analyzer easily expands to perform balancing, alignment and all of the other tools available on GTI's platform. Companies requiring multiple units save on software costs thanks to GTI's company account approach to software distribution via the App Store. Our platform extends to Microsoft Windows through our web application. Currently the application allows users to post-process their vibration data from any computer with a modern web browser. It is a part of our platform that continues to improve with free software updates, new tools and improved hardware each and every year.

We are a subsidiary of GTI Spindle Technology. Our products were developed to help us repair spindles. We have a passion for helping others keep their machines up and running through predictive technology. Our predictive maintenance solutions extend far beyond spindle repair and are suitable for those working with pumps, motors, fans, blowers, and other rotating machines.

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33 Zachary Road