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Hendrix Precision Maintenance

Hendrix Precision Maintenance


Hendrix Precision Maintenance, Hands-On Training will equip your maintenance team with the vital skills andimplementation strategies needed to achieve and sustain reliable results. The plain truth is, our craftsmen, entrusted to maintain a multi-million-dollar fleet of machinery, have never been taught the precision maintenance skills necessary to “Do it Once - Do it Right.”

Real data from over 200 US manufacturing facilities reveal that maintenance induced defects, overwhelmingly hinder improvement efforts to gain back control. The failure data indicates; 25% due to common assembly errors, 25%, from imbalance and poor balance specs, 25% from poor alignment, inadequate alignment specs and leadership expectations, and 25% are caused by common lubrication and operator mistakes.

With industry experienced instructors, we develop and build hands-on, running & static machines that are essential elements in our training courses for craftsmen, supervisors, operators, engineers and reliability leaders. Participants will dis-assemble each machine, correct common assembly errors, and measure the performance improvement results.

Using precision skills, craftsmen and front-line supervisors can lead the process of eliminating unscheduled downtime, recapturing lost opportunities, and turning profits in the right direction – UP. Our deep experience in precision skills development has revealed repeatedly, that no one contributes to asset reliability more than a “Precision Maintenance trained” craftsman.

Equally important, we teach leadership, operations & maintenance, the critical implementation principles and processes to Insure lasting change, including; communication, key metrics, install/rebuild standards, follow-up, and most importantly the expectations that must set for mechanics, supervisors and engineers.

That’s our mission, and we deliver results. We welcome the opportunity to share with you the guiding principles that can start your organization on the journey to manufacturing success and improved asset performance. 

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