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Infor EAM: The Leader in Enterprise Asset Management

New York

Like Heinz, leading companies in manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare, and other sectors are deploying Infor EAM to:

  • Decrease excessive asset maintenance costs.
  • Mitigate and control asset performance risks.
  • Solve the issue of inefficient energy usage.
  • Resolve problems related to ineffective quality, safety, and reliability management.
  • Reduce your maintenance, overtime, labor and contractor costs by 50%. And cut your maintenance material costs, production downtime and energy consumption by 20% or more.

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    Infor EAM solutions include the industry-leading EAM/CMMS solutions:

  • Infor EAM Enterprise
  • Infor EAM Energy Performance Management Edition
  • Infor EAM MP2
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