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IRISS is the global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD) and Condition Based Monitoring Solutions for electrical equipment. We help our customers reduce downtime related costs and maximize efficiency by reducing CBM inspection times. EMSD’s allow you to perform visual, infrared, ultrasound and ultraviolet inspections so you can detect potential equipment failures before they occur, all while maintaining the energized compartment’s closed, safe and guarded condition. In this manner, you can ensure workers are never exposed to the dangers of Arc Flash or electrocution and comply with the latest guidelines of NFPA 70E. IRISS also has intelligent asset tag solutions to automate the CBM inspection data collection process driving further efficiency improvements. Our EMSD solutions reduce risk, minimize cost, maximize efficiency and extend equipment life and can be both part of your Design for Reliability on new equipment or retrofitted to existing critical electrical assets.

IRISS's top 3 elements that align with the Uptime Elements frame work and how

Ir - infrared thermal imaging Infrared inspections can be performed safely & efficiently through IRISS EMSDs
Ut - ultrasound testing IRISS sells and supports Ultrasound handheld test equipment
Pm - preventive maintenance IRISS EMSDs facilitate safer, more efficient Preventative Maintenance

IRISS also aligns with the following elements:

  • Ps
  • Cmms
  • Alm
  • Ca
  • Rcd
  • Aci

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