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Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies (PinnacleART)

Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies (PinnacleART)

PinnacleART is the global leader in designing, implementing, and maintaining comprehensive asset reliability and integrity programs for process facilities in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, wastewater, and electric power industries—including national oil companies, super majors, and majors, as well as independents. Our team of talented experts, engineers, and inspectors help clients mitigate risk of downtime and loss of containment; ensure safety of personnel; optimize costs associated with inspection, maintenance and total asset spend; and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. PinnacleART’s expertise is multifaceted: mechanical integrity, reliability, inspection, technology, and project management. However, our truly unique skill set involves bringing all of these together to provide solutions that integrate people, processes, and technology.

Check out our full suite of asset management and integrity services:

From oil and gas to wastewater, we build and support the best asset integrity programs in the world to prevent loss of containment.
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We can help you implement a variety of software programs, including IDMS, RBI, CMMS, EAM and vessel analysis.
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Our customized reliability programs help you maintain optimal uptime of your facility and reduce unexpected asset failure and loss of function.
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Whatever the size or need of your facility, we have engineers, certified operators and expert maintenance staff who can cost-effectively help you meet your location’s goals.
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Our highly-trained team of inspectors and specialists can diagnose areas of weakness before they hinder your operations.
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We continuously publish white papers, case studies, webinars and more throughout the year to educate our audience on industry best practices, recognized standards and recommendations to take back to their facility.
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PinnacleART is always on the lookout for experienced engineers and inspectors to join our growing team. Click the link to view our full list of career opportunities.
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Speak directly with a Solutions Engineer to discuss your reliability, integrity or inspection program needs.
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PinnacleART Headquarters:

One Pinnacle Way
Pasadena, Texas 77504

California Office:

1621 13th Street, Suite B
Sacramento, California 95814

Corporate or 281-598-1330

Individual / Account Contact Information: Brittany Kopech,, 281-598-1330 ext. 155