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Reliability Solutions Training LLC.

We at Reliability Solutions Training LLC would like to introduce you to the whole new world of Reliable Manufacturing®. As the world of Plant Reliability becomes more demanding, the focus tends to drift away from the everyday essential skills, thereby leaving craftsmen, operators, engineers, and even management without the essential skills that they need to perform efficiently.

Our curriculum is developed to assist professionals like yourself with skills to further enhance your roles in whatever position you may hold. We have training series and classes for Corporate, Management, Craftsmen, Operators, and Engineers so that everyone can learn the "Essential Skills" needed to add value and improve performance in their current positions. Overall, we teach more than 18 different classes that are all centered on the essential skills required to improve Reliable Manufacturing® performance. As further information for you, we assemble these classes into the following groups:

Precision Maintenance ... essential craft skills ...

  • A training series aimed at changing and challenging on the floor skill sets with craftsmen

Process Excellence ... essential asset care ...

  • A training series aimed at changing and challenging on the floor skill sets with craftsmen

Effective Organizations ... systems people methods ...

  • Creating and building sound foundations for leadership and organizational strength

Asset Care Assessment ... essential predictive technology skills ...

  • Continually improving asset condition with practical application of PdM technologies

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