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SDT Ultrasound Solutions

SDT Ultrasound Solutions


SDT Ultrasound Solutions is the global thought leader for ultrasound condition based monitoring. We offer a balance of high quality instruments, intuitive software, top notch certification training, and strategic implementation consulting. SDT produces world class ultrasound programs that get results.


The SDT270 is a portable ultrasound instrument for reliability and predictive maintenance professionals. An onboard SQL database captures and manages survey data in the field and synchronizes with PC data providing in-the-field alarms and analysis. Our "Building Blocks" concept is consistent with our mission to design progressive and smart instruments that get used every day. Introducing the first ultrasound detector that multi tasks. The SDT270 can measure airborne and structure borne ultrasound, non-contact temperature, non-contact RPM, dBA noise levels, SCFM air flow, and record dynamic sound files without having to connect or re-connect a sensor.


The SDT270 from SDT Ultrasound Solutions now meets the requirements set by ATEX for use in the most dangerous and potentially explosive atmospheres in the world. For the first time ever ultrasound inspectors working in intrinsically safe rated zones now have access to the unique and advanced features of the SDT270.

Ultranalysis Suite

Ultranalysis Suite (UAS) software is designed to help you manage the critical PdM data SDT270 gathers from your critical assets. UAS forms a synergistic partnership between your SDT270, your PC, and your PdM team.

SDT Sherlog

Water-damaged cargo remains one of the most pressing problems for the shipping industry as a whole. Ultrasonic inspecion is more than just another form of testing tightness. It offers a complete, global solution with unheard-of accuracy and reliability. Accuracy that has received Classification Society Type Approval.


The SDT170 established SDT as a pioneer of ultrasound condition monitoring instruments. First introduced in 1998, the SDT170 revolutionized condition monitoring while giving birth to a savvy generation of clever ultrasound inspectors. The concept of an expandable hardware platform gave customers unprecedented flexibility and choice. Growing your ultrasound program on pace with your needs separated SDT from its competitors and gave the SDT170 "most-favoured" status.

Sensors and Accessories

SDT offers a wide range of sensors and accessories to expand the capabilities of the SDT line of ultrasound data collectors. From magnetic sensor attachments to parabolic dishes, we have the right accessory to get the job done.

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