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Semeq Predictive Maintenance Services


Established in 1994, and capitalizing on nearly 20 years of experience in Predictive Maintenance and hundreds of current clients worldwide, SEMEQ's #1 emphasis is on "Intelligence in Machinery Health". As a worldwide provider of PdM services our multi-discipline utilization of all of the core condition monitoring instrumentation, techniques and technologies produces unparalleled results.

Our Mission: To prescribe productive solutions for industrial equipment through applied technology and knowledge while embracing the relationship with our client!

With core values deep in client relations our integrity, hard work, accountability and interest in continuing to gain knowledge through research and development have our clients viewing SEMEQ as valued partner in their maintenance practices.

SEMEQ provides services throughout the United States, Canada, South America as well as Europe and the Pacific Rim. SEMEQ's business model literally gives you the capability of having a "local" provider from a worldwide service organization.

Semeq Service Offerings:

Integrated Results - The results of ALL Predictive Maintenance inspections performed by Semeq are aggregated for each piece of equipment by the Semeq Technical Account Manager assigned to the facility so the overall health of the equipment can be assessed from multiple techniques ensuring the most comprehensive understanding of the condition of the equipment as well as the best possible recommendation to correct the un-healthy indicators on the equipment.

Vibration Analysis- Semeq can send a local field technician to your site to take readings on your equipment, or can supply data collectors and training so your staff can take the readings with our Proprietary Self-Manufactured Data collector designed for ease of use and accurate collection. After which, our team of analysts automatically receive the data and provide expert analysis and recommendations.

Electrical and Mechanical Infra-Red Inspection and Analysis- Semeq certified thermographers inspect your facilities electrical system and/or key mechanical equipment for possible pending failures due to multiple potential failure modes that can be detected with IR. As with all PdM techniques performed by Semeq, the final data is sent to our laboratory for secondary analysis and integration with the results of other techniques.

Motor Circuit Evaluation - Semeq performs on-site detailed analysis using both on-line and off-line Non-Destructive testing of the electrical aspects of your critical motors. The results are integrated with the results of other techniques for final analysis and recommendations.

Oil Analysis - Semeq takes oil samples at your facility using all methods defined for accurate and clean sampling, and then analyzes the oil in our own analysis lab to ensure consistent results using our own experience based standards that exceed even ISO and MIL in many cases. Based on the results after integrating with other techniques, Semeq makes recommendations for improving any systemic issues identified over time.

Acoustic Emission Detection and Analysis - Using ultrasonic detection equipment Semeq can identify air leaks as well as mechanical issues in equipment and provide the results via our online customer portal.

Industrial Lubrication Application Management - From Lubrication Planning, Tagging, Storage Handling to application and PM management using our proprietary web-based lubrication management software, Semeq ensures that our customer's lubrication is the right specification delivered to the right equipment at the right time in the right amounts.

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