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SPM Instrument, Inc.


Leonova Infinity by SPM

SPM offers a wide product range from high-tech portable instruments to online systems and a comprehensive software (Condmaster®Nova). Our intelligent solutions are cost-effective, constructive and complete. They make an excellent foundation for a proactive approach to maintenance, integrated in your normal maintenance activities and providing you with an overall picture. On your request, we will put together the monitoring equipment package best suited to your economic and technical requirements.

Our equipment detects fault conditions well in time for planned maintenance and repairs, causing none or minimal interruption of the production process. Immediate and evaluated condition information is presented as green - yellow - red condition codes for instant and easy recognition of trouble spots. This greatly improves the effectiveness of available staff resources.

The monitoring methods include EVAM® (Evaluated Vibration Analysis Method) with FFT spectrum, enveloping and RMS vibration, the Shock Pulse Method (True SPM®) and SPM SpectrumTM (detailed bearing analysis), all developed by SPM. For corrective maintenance, we offer methods for alignment and balancing, etc.

SPM Instrument has 35 years of experience with machine condition monitoring and close cooperation with our customers in all fields of industry. Qualified sales and service representatives in more than 50 countries look forward to helping out. We provide all technical service, support and training you may need to become your own condition monitoring expert. The head office, R&D department, production and educational centre of SPM is located in Strängnäs, Sweden. The SPM Group is made up of more than 150 devoted professionals. 80 are based at the facilities in Sweden.

USA Tel +1 541 687 6869
Fax +1 541 687 5956

Sweden Tel: +46 152 225 00

780 Bailey Hill Rd.
Suite 3