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Aladon Network

Aladon Network

Wrightsville Beach

What we are about...

Sustaining physical assets is a matter of operating and maintaining them correctly. Determining what tasks must be done to sustain these assets "correctly" is a two-stage process.

  • Firstly, determine what tasks need to be done (identify "the right job"). This entails developing and applying procedures for identifying what tasks must be done to anticipate, prevent, detect and where necessary, rectify failures, and for deciding what spares should be held in stock, and (perhaps) for actually managing them.
  • Secondly, procedures and systems need to be put in place to ensure that these tasks are done at the right time in the right way by the right people (do "the job right").
  • About us...

    The Aladon Network is a global network of reliability experts whose members are certified by AladonTM as practitioners in the delivery of RCM2TM,offering a team-based approaches to developing a reliability strategy for all assets in an organization.

    Network members are the exclusive providers of world-class RCM2TM training & consulting services, as well as, EXP Professional software. This global network has helped clients apply Reliability Centered Maintenance in over 80 countries. More than 70,000 people have attended RCM2TM training courses worldwide.

    Public training courses are offered on a regular basis. To find out more about courses in your area, contact Aladon at +1 910-399-3867 or visit our website.

    PO Box 656
    +1 (910) 399-3867
    +1 (910) 399-3714