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Maintenance Planner Traits

I posted a short and incomplete sentence on LinkedIn and asked my network to complete it for me. What resulted was a very interesting view of the traits and behaviors of a Maintenance planner.

Maintenance Planners never...

Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System

.......Get pulled into today's emergencies (Ed Stanek)

...Engage in the crisis of ‘today’ (Timothy M Talley, CMRP, CRL)

...Guess. They do their homework and footwork to provide intelligent plan content. (Kirby Erickson)

...say "never." (Ken Carver)...Limit themselves to office and paper work (Shimonkepha Onwuneme)

...Carry a wrench or plan today's work. They are concerned and focused on future work (Jonathan David. CMRP, CRL,)

...(never) are a waste of money! (Jonathan Guiney, CRL)

...Work in the past (Andy Gailey)...leave things to chance. (Gary Knight) (Brian Burns CRL UtL)

...Receive emergency work request directly from production personnel (Andri Febriyanto)

...Maintenance Planners never give up, never give in! (Jonathan Ward)

...Never stop looking to eliminate waste from work processes. (Gary S. Mikula, CRL)

...Are the backbone for success (Genéne Kleppe)

...Help people to achieve this work without waiting thanks from them (Mohamed Maged Mostafa Ahmed)

...Work in the present (Robert Roybal)

...Work on emergency jobs (Alaa Omar).

..RIP if RCM not success. (Sahat P Hutagalung)

...Try their best with what they are given (Val Hillebrand).

..Fail to Plan....(Udaysinh Parmar)

...Fail (Ankit Naik, PMP, CBAP)

...Waste an opportunity once they've had quality training from Joel Levitt (Jeff Naylor)

...Engage in irrelevant tasks to planning /overlapping responsibilities such as procurement sourcing, active execution on-site , clerical duties, movement of tools, etc. (Asemota Osazuwa, (R.Engr), CMRP, MNSE, AMNIM, MIPMA)

....plans emergency work. (Larry Pasch)...acts as a back up supervisor. (Larry Pasch)

...becomes material expeditor. (Larry Pasch)

...performs clerical activities. (Larry Pasch)...plans from behind a desk. (Larry Pasch)

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Terrence O'Hanlon

Terrence O'Hanlon

Terrence O’Hanlon, CMRP, and CEO of® and Publisher for Uptime® Magazine, is an asset management leader, specializing in reliability and operational excellence. He is a popular keynote presenter and is the coauthor of the book, 10 Rights of Asset Management: Achieve Reliability, Asset Performance and Operational Excellence.

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