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Association of Asset Management Professionals, Inc.

Association of Asset Management Professionals, Inc.


Company Bio:

The Association of Asset Management Professionals – “AMP” – is an inclusive and committed team of professionals and volunteers advancing reliability in asset management through professional accreditation, acknowledgement, and career advancement. AMP is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization serving a global community of professionals.

Additional Information About the Company:

Your Free Membership offers access to a vibrant online community of peers, subject matter experts and solution providers. AMP is the commercial-free LinkedIn TM of the Asset Management and Maintenance community. Find public and private event calendars, video links of WIRAM and Chapter meetings, and exclusive content for AMP Members. Discussion thread communities include, vibration analysis, AI and Machine Learning, Root Cause Analysis, and many more!

In addition to our on-line community AMP offers:

  • AMP Chapters.
    • Local groups of Reliability Professionals meet virtually and in-person in the following areas:Argentina - Chile - Colombia - Guatemala - Northern California (US) - Peru - United Kingdom
    • Join a chapter near you or start your own local group.
  • WIRAM - Women In Reliability and Asset Managemet.
    • Empowering women around the world to understand the importance of Asset Management and Reliability. WIRAM creates a safe space for professional women to explore opportunities around personal, professional, and sustainable organizational performance related to Reliability and Asset Management.
    • WIRAM Corporate Advocates sponsor the activities and demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. WIRAM Advocates receive special recognition at all WIRAM events and are featured advertisers at
  • Certification
    • AMP provides CRL and CMM Certifications to demonstrate your knowledge and skills as well as enhance your career path.. Empower yourself by declaring the future you want to create.
  • Mastery belt program
    • The CRL Domain Mastery Belt Program is a results-oriented acknowledgment of significant and successful holistic reliability improvement projects delivered on a consistent basis. After obtaining your Certified Reliability Leader credential, demonstrate your mastery in each of the five Uptime element domains to receive the elite distinction of CRL BLACK BELT!

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