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Erbessd Instruments Introduces Integrated Machine Monitoring Ecosystem

The Global team at ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is excited to announce the next generation of condition-based monitoring, including semi-supervised machine learning capabilities within their fully integrated machine health monitoring ecosystem.

Machine Learning and AI are all the buzz, but unlike other automatic diagnostic AI powered systems, ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is proud to introduce a machine learning system with real-world value, that streamlines the reliability professionals workflow, and optimizes the analysis time-based on real-world experience. The ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS machine learning model approach has been developed with the help, and feedback from EI customers and subject matter experts around the world.

CEO, Dr. M. David Howard explains what makes the ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS ecosystem stand apart in the industry, “We believe it is irresponsible to assume that similar asset types or even the same asset types will have the same exact failure modes across facilities, installations, or customers. As such the new DigivibeMX®, EI Analytic, and WiSER® Vibe Pro integrated ecosystem for machine learning models incorporates a semi-supervised learning approach that gives the analyst, service provider, or customer full ability to customize their machine learning models at the individual asset level rather than based on general asset type alone. Combined with our machine learning model sharing function, users around the world have the ability to share with and learn from each other using semi-supervised models with an unmatched level of accuracy and dependability.”

Users can also harness the power and flexibility of the EI ecosystem with the newest version of the WiSER® Vibe Pro mobile app. “With WiSER® Vibe Pro the functionality of an advanced vibration and balancing data collector is in the palm of your hand. Available across iOS, Android and Windows platforms as well as locally or cloud based, WiSER® Vibe Pro easily replaces the very costly and bulky alternative data collector options on the market. WiSER® Vibe Pro is the most advanced mobile app for machine health monitoring” according to Dr. Thierry Erbessd, CIO & President of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS.

To complete the suite of features in this fully integrated machine health monitoring ecosystem, the newest version of DigiVibeMX® for Windows delivers the same user experience as EI Analytic and WiSER® Vibe Pro. This consistency ensures the easiest format for effective data-driven decision making.

ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is a leading manufacturer of Vibration Analysis Equipment, Dynamic Balancing Machines, Video Deflection Analysis Systems, and Wireless Online Monitoring Systems. ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is a global organization with operations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom & representatives around the world.

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