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Innovation in Video-Based Asset Condition Management

Video-Based Condition Monitoring

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- RDI Technologies (RDI) is announcing the release of the newest Iris CM™, a scalable condition monitoring system that connects the power of video-based Motion Amplification® technology with the ability to perform continuous condition monitoring.

"The Iris CM is a powerful union of traditional and innovative vibration methodologies that allows users to collect, store, analyze, and trend all of their sensor data in a centralized place," says Product Manager, Mason McNally. "It is flexible enough to use as a turnkey solution and robust enough to scale to fit all of your monitoring needs."

Numerous cameras can be networked to capture simultaneous data and offer multiple views of a process, test, piece of machinery, or multiple assets. Leveraging a powerful 6 TB acquisition device, the Iris CM can acquire and store HD data for each connected camera along with external sensor data from accelerometers, tachometers, and any 4-20 mA input. The Iris CM also supports high-frequency applications by leveraging the capabilities of the Iris MX™.

Users can safely and remotely trigger video and data recordings, store the recordings concurrently over time, and receive alerts when triggers fire. By leveraging Boolean logic, RDI customers can define precise trigger criteria based on external inputs, virtual camera-based regions of interest, thresholds for movement, and timed schedules. To gain powerful insight into the dynamics of monitored equipment, troubleshoot transient events, and visualize the trends of assets, contact RDI Technologies to inquire about obtaining the newest Iris CM.

About RDI Technologies, Inc.
RDI Technologies is pioneering the camera as the sensor of the future because visualization is faster, safer, and makes the complex more simple. The company's proprietary technology platform powered by Motion Amplification® enables users to see and measure motion that is not visible to the human eye. RDI's products combine the power of modern cameras with software to turn what used to be complex charts and graphs into easy-to-understand video data that enables users to quickly and safely solve their toughest problems and communicate the results.

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