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Itus Launches AI Driven Anomaly Detection Solution

Roanoke, Va. – September 6th, 2023 – Itus Digital today announced new Artificial Intelligence capabilities designed to enable equipment experts to directly deploy and refine anomaly detection models at scale. Using a visual modeling approach, practitioners can quickly implement protections to identify emerging failure risks, uncover abnormal operating conditions, and enable predictive maintenance.

Designed to enable advanced analytics on equipment of any criticality profile, the solution monitors equipment, and operating parameters to identify emerging failure risks and prescribe action. A no-code model building and tuning process allows already stretched equipment experts to directly apply their knowledge within asset strategies to detect potential failures and optimize maintenance spend.

“Manufacturers wanting a common-sense approach to asset performance management should look no further than Itus Digital’s APM,” says Joe Perino, an independent industry analyst with PERTEX. “I haven’t seen a simpler, easier-to-use, yet powerful and sophisticated APM solution. In its latest release, Itus APM offers all the vital functions that one needs from risk assessment all the way through predictive and prescriptive maintenance, with actionable recommendations.”

As a new analytical component within Itus’s existing APM work process and Asset Twin™ library, the machine learning models continuously evaluate failure symptoms and process conditions to ensure asset strategies are effective and optimized.

“Anomaly detection using machine learning has proven to be the most valuable AI industrial use case to date. Unfortunately, the complexity and cost have limited widespread adoption,” said Joe Nichols, President, of Itus Digital. “To solve this problem, we focused on empowering equipment experts, with AI, in the context of an asset strategy. Taking this approach not only streamlines the model building process but provides the analytic with full context on the asset, failure risk, and optimal mitigations.”

Already recognized as one of the most intuitive APM solutions on the market, this addition further expands on Itus’s vision to bring asset management best practices to industrial organizations of all sizes, complexity, and maturity.

Joe Perino further noted, “Reliability, maintenance, and inspection engineers and technicians can DIY without the need for data scientists or product specialists to code AI/ML algorithms and implement complex configurations.”

The solution is immediately available to asset operators, service providers and OEMs looking to improve availability, optimize spend, and reduce operational risk.

About Itus Digital

Itus Digital is a team of industrial software veterans maniacally focused on optimizing the performance of industrial assets by fusing apps, industrial engineering expertise, and analytics within simple-to-use and scalable software solutions.

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