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Maura Abad at MaximoWorld 2021

Do you wish to increase your company's competitiveness, improve productivity or manage your physical assets and industrial facilities for better outcomes?

Do you want to incorporate new technologies and use these advantages to increase your productivity but don't know where to start?

Come to MaximoWorld, the largest independent event focused on the IBM Maximo Application Suite for Asset Performance Management, where you can learn from the experts how to leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0 and how digitalization and new equipment saves you costs and protects your equipment, facilities and people. Add value to your company just by attending this great event for technology, productivity and the future.

You can follow the MaximoWorld Page at LinkedIn for posted videos, photos, podcasts and announcements.

Boston Dynamics SPOT Robot Dog at MaximoWorld

In today's world it is not enough for a company to be competitive, offer high quality products or services, meet international quality standards and have an excellent marketing team.

Technology innovation for IBM Maximo Application Suiteintegrated workplace management solutionMaximoWorld

It is necessary to do something more: companies must have added value, beyond their market value.The value of a company is determined as much by its market capitalization as by its cash reserves and debt. But its value also depends on its performance in relation to other companies, even if they have the same stock market valuation and are engaged in the same line of business.

Learn from peers at MaximoWorldLearn from peers at

Costs, production time or the final quality of its products could be parameters by which to make the comparative measurement of a company; however, there are other approaches from which to observe this value, and probably one of the most important is the ability to offer advice and support to customers' operations, constant updating and the use or knowledge of state-of-the-art technology.

That is why participating in MaximoWorld, an annual event organized by, is a fantastic way to add value to your company just by being there: you will have access to the most innovative, disruptive and applicable technologies and approaches in the Asset Management industry.

Dave Reiber, Joe Berti, Gretchen Gallagher, Terrence O'Hanlon on MaximoWorld Center StageDave Reiber, Joe Berti, Gretchen Gallagher, Terrence O'Hanlon on MaximoWorld Center

Taking asset management knowledge home elevates your company or organization in value. Not only will you learn from the best specialists in the field, you will also learn and incorporate new process improvement techniques into your company, or acquire the latest technology that will give you the boost your team needs to advance reliability, sustainability and asset management.

This will have an impact on the dynamics of your organization, and at the same time will improve your improvement arguments, which can translate into higher productivity and thus return on investment.

Taking asset management knowledge home elevates your company or organization in valueTaking asset management knowledge home elevates your company or organization in value

That's how important knowledge and information is today. Entering this event is the best benchmarking practice you can offer your company, and probably one of the most fun to run. It is a meeting of bright, resourceful people from the world's best run companies, capable of thinking "outside the box", because MaximoWorld, conceived and organized by, drives the empowerment of the team for the transformation that asset management is currently undergoing, amidst a network of emerging ideas and an ecosystem that fosters the development of new technologies to obtain the best practices in a constantly evolving industry.

In today's world, asset data in context is asset wisdom [decision-making gold], engineers and technicians work hand in hand with robotics, and those who think like an entrepreneurs are the "digitalization" strategy visionaries as they create new business models .

Uptime Elements Digitalization Strategy

The maintenance and asset management industry is characterized by staying ahead of time, through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, mathematical calculations and prescriptive precision practices to avoid failures and solve problems before they occur.

This tendency to go beyond the present moment has already become evident with the advances of Industry 4.0, which has brought the future to everyday life through sophisticated maintenance software and new mobile technology such as augmented reality hard hats or the charismatic "Spot" the mobile robot dog from Boston Dynamics.

You simply have to come to MaximoWorld! It's such an incredible event that you can't miss it!

IBM Maximo, Asset management and Digitalization

All companies face, at some point in their lives, the axiom of “renew or disappear”. This is not always the case for absolutely all services and products, but in the case of Reliability and Asset Management this is the day-to-day reality, because it is an industry immersed in a larger industrial movement: digitalization and artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data or remote maintenance, i.e. everything we know as Industry 4.0.

IBM Maximo User Groups at MaximoWorld by Reliabiliytweb.comIBM Maximo User Groups at MaximoWorld by

Some business lines may constantly celebrate the past and do things "the old-fashioned way", but in Reliability this nostalgia can cost your company dearly. Not only will you fall behind and lose competitiveness (and customers), but your market value can drop considerably if you don't open up to innovation and quickly modernize your processes.

Diversity at MaximoWorldDiversity at

The technology giants like IBM's Maximo Application Suite for Asset Management team, the IBM TRIRIGA Application Suite for integrated workplace management solutions team supported by numerous IBM Research staff are all at MaximoWorld.

Getting first-hand knowledge from them is especially important for those who do maintenance as their daily work. While accumulated experience is of great value within the industry, the early adoption of innovation is also valuable, because industry in general is one of the most demanding aspects of society, where everything has to be faster and better.

Maura Abad, Global Director, Women in Reliability and Asset Management Maura Abad, Global Director, Women in Reliability and Asset Management at

At the same time, the development of robotics, computer science and the handling of large volumes of data are part of the pillars that now support an industry that always seems to be new, so taking part in events like MaximoWorld keeps you up to date. At the same time you can appreciate what the market has to offer and perhaps redirect your organization's steps: issues such as improvement processes, incorporating technology or creating new products from current advances are some of the evolutionary steps you can consider if you expose yourself to this type of innovation experiences with managerial purpose.

Resistance to change and a robot dog

Thinking beyond the known is called imagination. Elaborating worlds that do not yet exist is the work of visionaries, and discovering innovation and best practices wherever they are found to deliver them to maintainers is the reason to be of the Community of Knowledge.

It is well known that technology and scientific advances often move faster than people. And that's good, because every change brings with it something new, so weighing the pros and cons of the new, and how to take advantage of what already exists, is one of the most outstanding characteristics of engineering (which is nothing more than ingenuity turned into science/discipline).

At MaximoWorld we think about all this, so we develop dynamics and meetings that promote leadership, project and change management and information. You can fully trust the brands, companies and proposals that articulate this exhibition: they have been tested by the best and have earned a worldwide place through best practices and excellent results.

MaximoWorld is not an invention fair (although obviously dancing with Spot is undoubtedly a great attraction), but a special encounter with the kind of technology you need to make your organization a top quartile company.

It is also a way to get close to a network of knowledge whose use is almost unlimited. As we have already mentioned, innovation, the adoption of new technologies and the incorporation of the advantages of Industry 4.0 add value to any company, protect it from obsolescence and assure its customers that they are counting on top-of-the-line products/services. It's not a question of fashion, but of numbers.

The experts you can talk to at MaximoWorld will help you learn how to maximize your assets and protect your facilities by adopting the right technology for your needs. Flexibility is another point to consider when discussing what's new for the maintenance and reliability industry.

Within this ecosystem of learning, knowledge, experience and feedback, you can meet your Maximo user group, meet IBM executives or authorized IBM Maximo partners, you can join the Women in Reliability and Asset Management [WIRAM] luncheon and share with the guest speaker, join the hands-on experience labs with specialists for "Show and Tell" sessions, learn about the best Maximo applications, and why not, have fun dancing with Spot. It's one of the stars of the event!

MaximoWorld AwardsMaximoWorld

You can also access the latest industry data, getting an overview of where Reliability and Asset Management is headed, and what role you want your company to play in that order of things. You can benchmark against other companies in the industry in a collaborative, learning environment, which can help you improve your processes and procedures, measure your effectiveness, identify best practices and raise your quality standards. Access state-of-the-art information and invaluable industry data from specialists who will provide you with analysis and modeling tools, giving you a complete picture of your business of action much broader and richer than you can imagine.

Come to MaximoWorld, the space where IT/OT, engineers, technicians, data scientists, managers, leading entrepreneurs and robots share the vision of the future.

You can follow the MaximoWorld Page at LinkedIn for posted videos, photos, podcasts and announcements.

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