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Laying Asset Management Foundations for Success

Start with the right foundation.

When you’re managing a large portfolio of physical assets, your ability to achieve long-term and sustainable success depends on fundamental building blocks:


What’s the Role of the Reliability Engineer?

The primary role of the Reliability Engineer is to identify and manage asset reliability risks that could adversely affect plant or business operations. This broad primary role can be divided...

Defect Elimination

While predictive and preventive maintenance activities are useful in preventing failures, they do not permanently eliminate the defects inherent in an asset that allow the deterioration leading...

Wrench Time Wonder

Question: What is the quickest way to improve wrench time?

Answer: Short repairs during PMs (defined as short but complete repairs on problems found during PMs that are done during the PM).


Have You Established Adequate EAM Safeguards?

Align availability and cost management to achieve an acceptable level of risk

Downtime risk aversion is a natural antithesis to cost efficiency in the world of enterprise asset management.