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Building the Culture of Excellence Foundation with Core Teams

Building the Culture of Excellence Foundation with Core Teams

IMC-2019 Learning Session 43:08 Minutes

by Chester Hembree and Mark Kramer, Hoosier Energy

Culture is the most challenging obstacle in any change initiative. Given proper respect, culture can be successfully managed and overcome. Underestimate culture, and the initiative can quickly become the latest “flavor of the month."

In 2011, Merom Generating Station started down a path to bring accountability and ownership to the maintenance culture by implementing an Equipment Ownership program. While successful in building accountability and ownership, the program was still reactive in nature and continued to be assaulted by culture. In 2015, a cross functional team was assembled to find a more proactive approach to maintenance. Designed after a LEAN production cell, this new initiative built off of the successes of the prior program, while driving the organization in a more proactive direction. This presentation will discuss Merom’s maintenance culture journey, the development and implementation of Core Teams, and how Merom is using Core Teams to overcome culture and drive excellence. 

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