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Care Plan Optimization

IMC-2020 Presentation 23:41 Minutes

by Malcolm Werner, Worley

Optimizing maintenance and care plans for industrial facilities requires a balance of operability, cost, warranties and reliability. Most facilities utilize time-based care plans for assets. The most common time-based care is preventive maintenance but also includes cleaning, inspection, predictive data collection, lubrication, overhaul, component replacement and adjustments. This strategy provides certainty at the risk of over spending and performing redundant activities that produce little to no extra value.

A care optimization system and associated services can provide the added value of reducing time-based care costs while mitigating the risk of equipment failure. Combining industry design, engineering, equipment, and operations & maintenance experience with powerful analytics tools we can develop a system specific to any facility that continually evaluates and provides data for the needed adjustments for care plans.


  • Reduced costs for assets that are over maintained, typically 30% reduction in maintenance costs the first year.
  • Identify cost effective programs for assets that are requiring frequent repairs.
  • Ongoing support to track and evaluate changes to sustain savings.
  • Identification and ranking of problem assets (Bad Actors) with their associated costs to build a business case for defect elimination.

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